Conscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business with a New Approach to Marketing

Book description

In the modern economy, businesses must have heart

The marketing industry is broken. Consumers are tired of interruption, push, mass media and the manipulation of marketing and advertising generally. They want to deal with honest, ethical companies that have heart and purpose and that care about serving all their stakeholders instead of their pockets. Conscious Marketing proves that marketing can really work if the paradigm is shifted—radically. In Conscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business With a New Approach to Marketing, author Carolyn Tate demonstrates just how beneficial this shift can be. By practising the four tenets of conscious marketing, companies can raise their brand's profile and attract customers for life. The book shows how building a business with a higher-purpose can lead to sustainability, profitability and industry leadership. Conscious marketing works for both multinational corporations and cash-strapped small business alike.

In the modern market, a business that does well and contributes to the elevation of humanity and the planet attracts the best customers, employees, suppliers and investors. These people evangelize, and the brand reach expands exponentially further and to a more loyal audience than traditional marketing will ever capture. This concept and other topics in the book include:

  • What's wrong with marketing and why it doesn't work

  • What "conscious" means to the consumer, business, leader and marketer

  • The who, what, why and how of conscious marketing

  • Navigating the shift from traditional to conscious practices

  • The book includes a three-part guide to crafting an actionable plan, including where to find help. Marketing doesn't have to be the budgetary dead weight it has become. It can be fun, human and inspiring for everyone involved, but change requires a deep shift in thinking and behaviour that goes way beyond the transaction or the sale. To stay relevant in the modern economy, businesses must show what's at their core, why they do what they do and why it matters. Conscious Marketing is a comprehensive guide to fixing the problem, with a sustainable solution.

    Table of contents

    1. About the author
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Preface
      1. The beehive and the bees
      2. My story
      3. About this book
    4. Part I: The current state of marketing
      1. Chapter 1: The problem with marketing
        1. Marketing is broken
        2. Marketing has been hijacked
        3. Marketing for the short term
        4. The price-war culture
        5. The mass media minefield
        6. The manipulative message
        7. A short intervention
        8. The gap between the marketing promise and the customer experience
        9. The sick language of marketing
        10. The illusion of choice
        11. Planned obsolescence as a marketing tactic
        12. When CSR becomes marketing fluff
        13. The double-edged sword of technology
        14. The great information marketing scam
        15. Native advertising pervading the media
      2. Chapter 2: The evolution of consciousness
        1. Why consciousness is the key
        2. The conscious being
        3. The conscious consumer
        4. Conscious Capitalism
        5. The conscious business
        6. The conscious leader
        7. The conscious employee
        8. The conscious community
    5. Part II: The reinvention of marketing
      1. Chapter 3: Introducing conscious marketing
        1. Defending marketing
        2. Defining conscious marketing
        3. An introduction to the Cycle of Conscious Marketing
      2. Chapter 4: Personal consciousness — an essential ingredient for conscious marketing
        1. A dedication to learning
        2. A reframe of the success paradigm
      3. Chapter 5: Purpose (why) — the thing that keeps you keeping on
        1. What is purpose anyway?
        2. Why purpose is the glue
        3. Is purpose the new black?
        4. Vision and purpose — what's the difference?
        5. How to find your purpose
        6. Digging deep on purpose
        7. Some great purpose statements
        8. How to know if you're ‘on purpose'
        9. Why is purpose at the heart of conscious marketing?
      4. Chapter 6: Product (what) — those things you offer that improve lives
        1. A useful tool to get you started
        2. The products and services you offer
        3. How do you know if people want it?
        4. Who do you serve?
        5. So what do they need?
        6. The price you pay
        7. From demand to delivery
        8. The customer experience
      5. Chapter 7: People and planet (who) — the partners in your business community
        1. The planet and the environment
        2. The community
        3. The supplier
        4. The alliances
        5. The customer
        6. The employees (and volunteers)
        7. The industry and competition
        8. The shareholders
        9. The ones you love (family and friends)
        10. So who are your stakeholders and what can you do now?
      6. Chapter 8: Promotion — how you spread the word
        1. Brand love takes time
        2. Avoid bright shiny object (BSO) syndrome
        3. Turn your attention inward
        4. 50 per cent offline, 50 per cent online
        5. Do less. Do it well. Do it again.
        6. Activate your tribe first
        7. Share your story
        8. Adopt a cause-leadership position
        9. The giving culture
        10. Sell one, give one
        11. Produce content that matters
        12. Do some planning
        13. The Conscious Marketing Cycle — it keeps on keeping on
    6. Part III: Shifting from theory to action
      1. Chapter 9: The conscious marketing shift — 10 solid principles to adopt
        1. 1. From profit-driven to purpose-driven
        2. 2. From company-centric to customer-centric
        3. 3. From price-driven to value-driven
        4. 4. From masculine to feminine
        5. 5. From competitive to collaborative
        6. 6. From interruption to attraction
        7. 7. From complex to simple
        8. 8. From unintelligent to intelligent
        9. 9. From duplicity to honesty
        10. 10. From fear to love
      2. Chapter 10: Your conscious marketing action plan
        1. Things you can do to take action now
        2. Task: Option 1 (to be done individually or as a team)
        3. Task: Option 2 (to be done with your team)
    7. Conclusion
    8. Afterword by billy stafford
    9. The conscious marketing manifesto
    10. Useful resources for conscious business owners
    11. Index
    12. Advert
    13. EULA

    Product information

    • Title: Conscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business with a New Approach to Marketing
    • Author(s): Carolyn Tate
    • Release date: May 2015
    • Publisher(s): Wrightbooks
    • ISBN: 9780730309642