Chapter 9

Following the Principles of Data Visualization Design

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the perfect type of data visualization for your audience’s needs

arrow Picking the right design style for your audience

arrow Leveraging good design style to influence your audience

arrow Crafting clear and powerful visual messages with the right data graphic

Any standard definition of data science will tell you that it’s there to help you extract meaning and value from your raw data. While finding and deriving insights from raw data is at the crux of data science, these insights mean nothing if you don’t know how to communicate your findings to others. Data visualization is an excellent means by which you can visually communicate your data’s meaning. To design your visualizations well, however, you must know and truly understand your target audience and the core purpose for which you’re designing. You must also understand the main types of data graphics that are available to you, as well as the significant benefits and drawbacks of each. In this chapter, I present you with the core principles in data visualization ...

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