Chapter 11. Managing Interruptions

An interruption is a human intervention to change the normal flow of a business process. The Tahiti application needs to handle modification or cancellation of a vacation request. These are interruptions triggered by an employee. You will enable a user to modify a pending vacation request, and to cancel a pending or approved vacation request. The user’s manager must approve cancellation of a request that has already been approved. If a user wants to modify an approved request, they can cancel the approved one and submit a new request. This chapter explains how to extend the Tahiti application so that employees can modify a pending vacation request, or cancel a request.

Modify a Request

A user can modify a pending vacation request. In the Tahiti application prototype page that you have created, when the user selects a pending vacation request, a button marked Modify Vacation Request appears, together with fields to change the dates and duration of the vacation request. A user can only change a pending request, so there is no manager review step.

In this section, you will:

  1. Update the Tahiti vacation management application page so that the user can change the details of a pending request in the page, then submit the change.
  2. Create a new process definition, Tahiti-ModifyPendingVacationRequest, which is launched when the user submits an update to a request.

Add Modify Option to the Application Page

This section explains how to add fields to the ...

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