Chapter 13. Finishing the Application

In the previous chapter, you completed the process definitions by adding connectors to send email and to manage calendar events. You have now created all the processes, forms, connectors, and pages used in the Tahiti application.

In this chapter, you will update the forms used in the Tahiti application processes so that the application page is displayed after a form is submitted. Next, you will update the application to include the final page. Finally, you will deploy the processes.  

When you have updated the Tahiti application and deployed its processes, you will validate it in the development environment using a scenario that checks all the usage paths.

Updating Process Forms

In this section, you will update the process forms so that after the user clicks Submit on a form, the Tahiti application page is displayed. If you do not do this, after a form is submitted the default page is displayed. This is the user’s task list in the Bonita BPM Portal. If the users do not use the Portal for other processes, displaying this page could be confusing, so it is better to specify a page.

First, you need to get the URL of the Tahiti application that you defined in the Portal:

  1. Log in to Bonita BPM Portal and set the Profile to Administrator.
  2. Go to Applications. A list of the applications that you have defined is displayed, including a partial URL for each one. 
  3. Find the Tahiti application that you defined in “Create the Application Prototype” and click ...

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