Part VI. Putting It into Practice

We’ve covered how the mind makes decisions, how to design products that leverage that knowledge, and how to test and refine those products over time. We’re almost done.

At each step of the way, this book has provided guidance on how to apply these lessons in your daily work. But there may be some places you still have questions you aren’t sure about. Part VI tries to answer some of the most common questions and reinforce how the whole process works to help orient you at each stage.

Chapter 15 covers a range of questions about the decision-making process, what that means for product development, and how products that change behavior affect a company’s bottom line. It also provides a simple, start-to-finish example of using this process for a new product.

Chapter 16 wraps things up. It summarizes the major techniques learned in the book and the common themes that underlie the book’s approach to behavior change.

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