Chapter 6. The Woman's Touch

The Woman's Touch

You saw some of Stephanie Smith's wonderfully creative images in the previous chapter. Well, I was so impressed with her photographs and her willingness to share that it seemed right to give her a special section to provide you a woman's perspective of shooting wedding photography.

Check out more of her work on the following pages, and you'll see why I have the utmost respect for this dedicated and talented individual—whom I have never actually met, by the way. Thanks to the Internet for helping me find her!

Read more about Stephanie's photo philosophies, in her own words, on the next few pages. And if you still want more, check out her work at 831 Photography (

Be Cool, Calm and Collected

Be Cool, Calm and Collected

My clients tell me all the time that I have a calming influence on them. When everything is crazy and everyone is stressed, I usually remain cool, calm and collected.

In the midst of commotion, a bride or her attendants will ask, "Is this normal?" I assure everyone that all weddings have chaotic moments and stressful times. Then I suggest that everyone take a deep breath, relax and just enjoy the moment—because it will be gone before they know it.

How can I remain so calm in the midst of the chaos? Well, I've been there before ... hundreds of times as ...

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