Chapter 9. Photoshop Adjustments and Enhancements

Photoshop Adjustments and Enhancements

Known as a Photoshop expert, I help other photographers understand how to use this tool by providing seminars and by teaching at Photoshop World and through online Photoshop classes at

I truly enjoy teaching Photoshop for three main reasons. One, it gives me opportunities to help photographers enhance the quality of their photographs by showing them how to correct (some) technical mistakes. Two, I can help photographers motivate and encourage the artist that lies within them. Three, it's fun to play with Photoshop!

In this chapter, I'll show you a little of each: fixing, awaking and having fun. And from a business standpoint, if you master a few of these techniques, you'll have more to offer your clients.

RAW Rules

RAW Rules

Simply put: RAW rules.

A RAW file has a wider exposure latitude (exposure-recording and correcting range) than a JPEG file. This means, when working with a RAW file in Photoshop (or Lightroom, Aperture or your camera's software program) you can rescue overexposed areas of an image (up to one f-stop). Many photographers (including me) shoot only RAW files and process their images in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR), which has many image-processing options.

But wait! Even if you shoot JPEGs, you can take advantage of ACR ...

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