As you saw on the cover, I get credit for writing this book. Sure, I put a ton of work into it, but the truth is I had a lot of help—just like every author. It's the same for all artists. Take Tom Cruise for example. He gets top billing, but he has a slew of people—from make-up artists, lighting directors and set designers to acting coaches and stylists—that make him look good.

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank the folks who helped put together this work, as well as those who have helped me along the path to producing this book, which is my 32nd.

The guy who initially signed me up for this book is the same guy who made my Canon Digital Rebel and Basic Lighting DVDs happen: Barry Pruett, Vice President at Wiley. Barry has a quality that every author needs: faith in the author's belief that someone actually wants to hear what (s)he has to say!

Once I was signed up, Courtney Allen, a quite talented Acquisitions Editor at Wiley, took over the project and helped me big time—with everything you see between the front and back covers. Not an easy task ... especially considering that the book was produced is just a few months.

More help was on the way! Alan Hess, my technical editor, also added his expertise. Thanks Alan!

I also want to thank Jenny Brown of Brown Ink for her excellent work as Copy Editor and Project Editor, Erik Powers of Creative Powers for his phenomenal job at designing and producing the book, and Mike Trent for his work on the front and back ...

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