Chapter 7. The Creative Touch

The Creative Touch

Stephanie Smith contributed the insightful material for the previous chapter. In this chapter, her husband, Shannon Smith, offers additional advice and creative ideas on how to turn what could be standard wedding snapshots into memorable photographs.

Like Stephanie's chapter, this is written in Shannon's own words and is accompanied by his creative, personal and fun images—such as the McDonald's window shot, which you'll see in a few pages.

You can check out more of his work at 831 Photography (

Anticipate the Moment

Anticipate the Moment

Receptions are full of unscripted, fleeting moments. In this image, the bride had pulled out her husband's wallet, joking around. After capturing the laughs and smiles, I circled the dance floor hoping she would put it back in for him—and it paid off.

The tight crop, playful angle and hints of people in the background all add to the fun feel of this image.

Even though I missed her pulling the wallet out of his pocket, I anticipated what might come next and was able to capture the image I wanted.

Another way to give this advice is to say, "Think ahead." It's something all good wedding photographers do.

Focus on the Attendants, Too

One of my favorite subjects at a wedding, aside from the bride and groom themselves, are their attendants. ...

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