Your Blog, Quick Start

The best demonstration of the simplicity and ease of use of Blogger is to create a Blogger account, then create your first blog — a process that takes five minutes from start to finish.

Creating Your Blogger Account

To set up a Blogger account, access the main Blogger web site at In the page that opens, there’s a box in the center titled “Create your own Blog” and a button labeled Start Now!. Click the button to go to the signup page, shown in Figure 3-2.

Blogger account sign-up page

Figure 3-2. Blogger account sign-up page

Enter your preferred username and password, your name and email address, and your organization, if any. Don’t reuse a password from another system you have access too — the web traffic between you and Blogger is not encrypted, and your password may be emailed to you in plain text. By picking a unique password, you ensure that a malicious packet sniffer can gain access only to your Blogger account and not your email, ISP account, etc.

If you don’t see the Start Now! button on the Blogger main page, look for a form with the words “If you don’t have a blogger account, sign up!”. In the form, type in your Blogger username and password. When you submit the form, you are taken to a second page to type in the rest of the account information.

You only have to create a Blogger account once; you can use the one account to create many different blogs.

Creating Your ...

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