Chapter 5. Server Blogging with Movable Type

Movable Type is a web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly updated content. This content can consist of, but is not limited to, entries in a blog or online journal, photographs in an online photo gallery, news headlines on a newspaper site, or articles in an online magazine.

The system contains features common to many other blog applications: template-driven site design, allowing you to redesign your entire site by editing a set of templates; management of multiple blogs (or projects) with one instance of the application; multiple authors posting and editing, using a task-based permission system; and automatic RSS syndication of your content.

Beyond these fairly standard features, Movable Type offers much more. What started solely as a blogging tool has grown into a lightweight content management tool that can be used site-wide. Some of the system’s features include:

Data import

Imports your entries and comments from other content management systems (i.e., Blogger, GreyMatter, NewsPro), and manages those posts through Movable Type.

Entry categorization

Groups your entries into categories for your own reference, for archiving purposes, and for display in your blog. You can assign multiple categories to a single entry (for example, if an entry about a book you read belongs in both “Reading List” and “Technology”).

Built-in comment system

Allows your blog visitors to post comments on your entries and engage ...

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