Basic Use of Templates

The most important aspect of your blog is the writing. However, the overall appearance of the blog can affect how people perceive the writing. If the blog has a bright, cheerful, and silly appearance, but the writing is somber and very serious, the mixed messages can jar your readers.

Additionally, blog formatting can adversely impact people’s ability to read the writing. If the font is small and light-colored against a white background, your readers might have a hard time making out the words.

The current style on the Essentials blog, Chroma, is one of the most popularly used, primarily because the words are very legible and its neutral format fits most writing and content styles. However, it’s fun and interesting to try new looks.

Changing the Blogger Template

When you created your blog, you picked a default template. You might be happy with it, or you might be regretting your choice about now. Regardless, changing the default template is easy within Blogger.

To change the existing template, click the Template button on the Blogger toolbar. When the Template view page opens, a large text box at the top shows the existing template HTML, including the embedded Blogger tags (to be discussed in more detail in Chapter 6). When you pick a new Blogger template, you lose everything in this block — including any additions and modifications you may have added. If you’ve customized the template, make a backup of the existing template first. Then you can work on incorporating ...

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