The ABBA deadlock

A more complex form of deadlock can emerge in a scenario which involves nested locking: two or more competing threads and two or more locks. Here, let's take the simplest case: a scenario with two threads (A and B) working with two locks (L1 and L2).

Let's say that this is what unfolds over the vertical timeline, as the following table reveals:

Time Thread A Thread B
t1 Attempt to take lock L1 Attempt to take lock L2
t2 Gets lock L1 Gets lock L2
t3 <--- In critical section of L1 ---> <--- In critical section of L2 --->
t4 Attempt to take lock L2 Attempt to take lock L1
t5 Block on L2 being unlocked Block on L1 being unlocked
<waits forever: deadlock> <waits forever: deadlock>

It's quite clear that ...

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