HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations (HBR Guide Series)

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Terrified of speaking in front of a group? Or simply looking to polish your skills? No matter where you are on the spectrum, this guide will give you the confidence and the tools you need to get results.

Written by presentation expert Nancy Duarte, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations will help you:

  • Win over tough crowds
  • Organize a coherent narrative
  • Create powerful messages and visuals
  • Connect with and engage your audience
  • Show people why your ideas matter to them
  • Strike the right tone, in any situation

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Harvard Business Review Guides
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. What You'll Learn
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Section 1: Audience
    1. Understand the Audience's Power
    2. Segment the Audience
    3. Present Clearly and Concisely to Senior Executives
    4. Get to Know Your Audience
    5. Define How You'll Change the Audience
    6. Find Common Ground
  9. Section 2: Message
    1. Define Your Big Idea
    2. Generate Content to Support the Big Idea
    3. Anticipate Resistance
    4. Amplify Your Message Through Contrast
    5. Build an Effective Call to Action
    6. Choose Your Best Ideas
    7. Organize Your Thoughts
    8. Balance Analytical and Emotional Appeal
    9. Lose the Jargon
    10. Craft Sound Bites
  10. Section 3: Story
    1. Apply Storytelling Principles
    2. Create a Solid Structure
    3. Craft the Beginning
    4. Develop the Middle
    5. Make the Ending Powerful
    6. Add Emotional Texture
    7. Use Metaphors as Your Glue
    8. Create Something They'll Always Remember
  11. Section 4: Media
    1. Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Message
    2. Make the Most of Slide Software
    3. Determine the Right Length for Your Presentation
    4. Persuade Beyond the Stage
    5. Share the Stage
  12. Section 5: Slides
    1. Think Like a Designer
    2. Create Slides People Can "Get" in Three Seconds
    3. Choose the Right Type of Slide
    4. Storyboard One Idea per Slide
    5. Avoid Visual Clichés
    6. Arrange Slide Elements with Care
    7. Clarify the Data
    8. Turn Words into Diagrams
    9. Use the Right Number of Slides
    10. Know When to Animate
  13. Section 6: Delivery
    1. Rehearse Your Material Well
    2. Know the Venue and Schedule
    3. Anticipate Technology Glitches
    4. Manage Your Stage Fright
    5. Set the Right Tone for Your Talk
    6. Be Yourself
    7. Communicate with Your Body
    8. Communicate with Your Voice
    9. Make Your Stories Come to Life
    10. Work Effectively with Your Interpreter
    11. Get the Most out of Your Q&A
    12. Build Trust with a Remote Audience
    13. Keep Remote Listeners Interested
    14. Keep Your Remote Presentation Running Smoothly
  14. Section 7: Impact
    1. Build Relationships Through Social Media
    2. Spread Your Ideas with Social Media
    3. Gauge Whether You've Connected with People
    4. Follow Up After Your Talk
  15. Index
  16. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations (HBR Guide Series)
  • Author(s): Nancy Duarte
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review Press
  • ISBN: 9781422187159