2   Ultimate Fully Depleted (FD) SOI Multigate MOSFETs and Multibarrier Boosted Gate Resonant Tunneling FETs for a New High-Performance Low-Power Paradigm

Aryan Afzalian


2.1   Simulation Algorithm

2.2   Gate Coupling Optimization in Nanoscale Nanowire MOSFETs: Electrostatic vs. Quantum Confinement

2.3   Physics of RTFET

2.3.1   Influence of Barrier Width

2.4   SB RT-FET

2.5   Conclusions



As transistors are scaled down in the nanoscale regime, quantum effects are playing a crucial role in device performance and parameters. Also, scaling alone is not sufficient to achieve performance improvement, and new boosters and device concepts are needed. For instance, the trade-off between power and performance in electronics ...

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