Chapter 13

Working with Mobile Devices and Computers

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out which smart devices work best with home automation systems

arrow Discovering computers and operating systems that work with home automation tech

arrow Keeping your home automation apps updated

The UPS guy just dropped off enough boxes full of smart home automation devices to keep you busy for the next few weeks, and that’s just unboxing everything.

Time zips by and you’ve got all your home automation gear unboxed and ready to go. You decide to connect your smart hub first so that the other devices can connect to it.

Halfway through the installation process, you get to the part where your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet is required to download an app and create an account.

“Aw, who needs that fancy-shmancy stuff?” you ask, as you whip out your tried-and-true Motorola flip-phone from 2004. You poke around the menu a bit, get frustrated, and even call your cellphone provider for help. Alas, you find no App Store to download your app from. “Bummer,” you say, with a tinge of despondency.

And then you notice in the instructions that you can also register your smart hub on the company’s website. Eureka! ...

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