Chapter 19

Top Ten Mobile Template Sites

One of the most time-consuming parts of the mobile website design process is creating and laying out the initial design of the site — that is, coming up with the site's template. (Creating mobile web templates is discussed in Chapter 8.) Usually, getting the overall design, such as CSS containers, menus, buttons, and color scheme, entails quite a bit of trial and error. For me, this is often one of the more arduous parts of the process.

When you're designing for a client, sometimes you need to come up with a few different designs for the client's consideration. Even the most seasoned designers use third-party templates, especially when the client is not willing to pay you for your time to come up with a custom design for her site. In these situations, you can save time, and save your client money, by starting with a template.

One of the primary concerns of designers and clients alike have about using templates is that you run the risk of developing a site that looks too much like somebody else's. But I can tell you from years of experience that by the time you change the images and color scheme in a template, the chances of it looking like another site using the same template are slim to none. Besides, literally thousands of web templates are available on the Internet. It's highly unlikely that you or your client will choose one that many other companies or organizations have also chosen.

You can find many free mobile web templates on ...

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