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Incident Response by Richard Forno, Kenneth R. van Wyk

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We’d like to thank our editors, Sue Miller for her work with us and Debby Russell for recognizing the need for such a book. We’d also like to thank all the O’Reilly people: Colleen Gorman, the production editor; Rob Romano and Jessamyn Read, the technical illustrators; Ellen Troutman-Zaig, the indexer; David Futato, the interior designer; Ellie Volckhausen, the cover designer; Emma Colby for the cover layout; Neil Walls for tools support; and Mary Brady, Nicole Arigo, Molly Shangraw, and Edie Shapiro for production support.

A special thanks to our reviewers Ed DeHart, Nick FitzGerald, Danny Smith, Mike DeGraw-Bertsch, and David Carrano for their useful comments on early copies of this book. Your suggestions went a long way to improving the quality of our book. Thank you.

Kenneth R. van Wyk

In addition to my coauthor, Rick, to whom I am greatly indebted, I would like to thank my family for their support and encouragement throughout this project -- which has taken far longer than I ever envisioned. In particular, I’d like to say thanks to my wife, Caren, who endured my countless hours of “being boring” while clicking (and cursing) away at my keyboard -- “Ditto!” Also, my mom, who helped review several early drafts and provided grammatical and style guidance: “No, my tire is not flat, it is supposed to look that way.” Thanks to my sister, Ingrid, for helping me laugh, and for introducing me to the most wonderful Basset Hound breeder, Red Bay Bassets: “There actually is no Spanish translation of my name.” And, of course, my dad for encouraging me to always shoot for the stars, even when I didn’t think that they could be reached: “She’s looking good, Vern.”

Thanks also to my coworkers and friends for their encouragement, guidance, assistance, and patience. Our team at Para-Protect is the most amazing group of people that I’ve ever had the honor to work with: “Long live the coma pony!”

I’d also like to acknowledge my canine companions during this project, Elvis and Beau Diddley. Those that know me know that I’m hopelessly addicted to Basset Hounds. Elvis, my faithful friend, tragically didn’t live to see the finished project, but he spent innumerable hours keeping me company while I worked on the early parts of the book: “Speak; shake; wait; bang!” Then, defying sane reasoning, we brought a puppy into the house. . . Beau Diddley spent slightly less patient innumerable hours keeping me company during the latter stages of the project: “Do you want to go for a walk?”

And, it wouldn’t be fair to not thank the fine folks at the Virginia Beverage Company in Alexandria for providing Rick and me such a pleasant venue for our frequent project meetings: “Mugs # 527 and 655; I’ll have an IPA and Rick here will have a Jones Point Light. . . .”

Finally, I’d like to point out that this book was written (almost) entirely on open source operating systems using open source tools. Don’t fear the penguin!

Richard Forno

Thanks to Ken for inviting me to join him in the journey that ultimately became this book (like I needed something elseon my to-do list this past year.) It’s been fun -- tough at times -- but definitely worth it. “Where’s the football this week?”

I’d like to acknowledge Ron Baklarz, my first “security” boss and coauthor, good friend and mentor, the unconventional role model who brought me into this profession by rescuing me from my formerly-a-bomb-shelter office in the basement of the Cannon House Office Building. Thanks, buddy -- look what you helped create!

A special thanks to the many security and technology folks I’ve worked with -- from Capitol Hill to the INTERNIC and beyond -- Danny Gottovi, Bernard Joseph, David Holtzman, Michael Karas, William Feinbloom, Zhi, and those too numerous to list. I’ve learned something from each of you that’s made me a stronger technology professional, and a stronger person.

I must not forget the Virginia Beverage Company -- a place with great atmosphere, great food, a wait staff that doesn’t hover, and an andouille sandwich that’s out of this world!

To my immediate family (Theresa, Albert, and Emilie) friends and mentors -- thanks for encouragement and help over the years. You’re always with me.

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