3.5. The Web Services Marketplace

3.5.1. Products

Vendor Product Categories

The vendor solutions in the Web Services marketplace can be described as follows:


  • Application server

  • Middleware, such as JMS-enabled middleware

  • Edge server, such as cache (using XML database)

  • Registries, such as the UDDI or ebXML registry

Development Tools

  • Developer workbench that can wrap apps logic into a SOAP proxy, and publish it to UDDI

  • Automated testing tools, such as jTest

Web Services Tools

  • JMS-SOAP bindings, such as the JMS bridge

  • SDK, such as WSTK

Web Services Standards

  • Java, such as JAX, Web Services Developer Pack

  • C#

  • XML standards, such as SOAP, SOAP-SEC, XAML, SAML

Specialized Market

  • Porting .NET to Unix

  • Porting Java to Windows platform

Web Services ...

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