Chapter    5

Making a Shoot ‘Em Up Game: Carrot Invader

When I was a kid, I remember in a bad way my parents trying to get me to finish my mashed carrots. “Eat this, you will have nice skin!” Arhh!!! I still have nightmares about carrots! This is why, in order to pay a tribute to one of the most famous video games, you will remake Space Invaders with carrots instead of aliens.

Space Invaders is a Japanese game that was released in 1978 by Taito Corporation. Taito was originally an import/export company that traded vending machines in Japan. They moved into the gaming industry in the 60s. More recently, Square Enix acquired Taito in 2005. Square Enix is famous in the gaming industry for the Final Fantasy games.

Space Invaders was inspired by ...

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