Developing data visualization from AWS IoT

In this section, we will create a web application to consume sensor data. We will implement the program using HTML5 and JS. Technically, the HTML5 application will communicate with AWS IoT using MQTT over HTTP. This is done if we use AWS IoT SDK for JavaScipt/Node.js and AWS SDK.

  1. Firstly, we create a folder; for instance, aws-iot-visualz. Then, we initialize the Node.js project by creating the package.json file. Type the following commands:
$ mkdir aws-iot-visualz$ cd aws-iot-visualz/$ npm init
  1. Next, we install the required libraries for Node.js. We need the following libraries:
    • AWS IoT SDK for JavaScipt/Node.js
    • AWS SDK
    • Webpack

The Webpack library is used to bundle all JS libraries into a ...

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