Maximum Success with LinkedIn: Dominate Your Market, Build a Global Brand, and Create the Career of Your Dreams, 2nd Edition

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The updated edition of the guide to harnessing the power of the world's largest professional network for total business success

Maximum Success with LinkedIn revolutionizes the way busy professionals use LinkedIn. It isn't just about professional networking and job-seeking; it's a step-by-step guide to answering any professional challenge by harnessing the potential of LinkedIn. It explains how to use LinkedIn to find customers, partners, investors, or advisors; hire qualified employees; build a personal brand; build networks; find and land the perfect job; develop business relationships; and much more.

Dan Sherman is a full-time LinkedIn consultant, trainer, and speaker, who works with companies and entrepreneurs. He has more than 20 years of marketing management experience at successful firms, ranging from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword by David T. Fagan
  6. Author’s Note
  7. Preface to the Second Edition
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Introduction: Love at First Click
    1. Internet Databases Are in My Blood
    2. How to Create a Yacht
  10. Chapter 1: Social Media Is Not Your Father’s Marketing
    1. Honesty Is King
    2. LinkedIn: Your Personal Worldwide Database
    3. Who’s Having Success with LinkedIn?
    4. Understanding the LinkedIn Levels
  11. Chapter 2: The LinkedIn Profile: Your Miniwebsite
    1. Creating a Powerful Profile
    2. How to Make Your Profile Rock!
    3. Designing the Perfect Information Box
    4. Creating the Ad for You, Inc.
    5. Your Summary
    6. Filling Out Your Work Experience
    7. Adding Sections That Make Your Profile Shine
    8. Letting People Know About Your Multiple Personalities
  12. Chapter 3: What Goes Around: Giving and Getting Recommendations
    1. Social Proof Is the Key to Success
    2. Consider Which Contacts You Might Get Recommendations From
    3. Get Recommendations from First-Level Connections
    4. Want More Recommendations? Write Some!
    5. Know the People You Are Recommending
    6. Manage Your Recommendations
    7. Get the Social Proof You Need
  13. Chapter 4: It’s Show Time! Adding Multimedia to Your Profile
    1. Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile
    2. Use These Insider Tips Shared by Expert Video Producers
    3. Add Promotional Literature to Your Profile
  14. Chapter 5: The Finishing Touches: Creating a Rocking Profile
    1. Skills & Expertise
    2. Languages
    3. Education
    4. Advice for Contacting You
    5. Personal Details
  15. Chapter 6: All About Keywords: Optimizing Your Profile to Be Found
    1. Four Required Places for Your Keywords
    2. Researching Your Competitors
    3. Advanced Optimization Strategies
    4. Other Places to Optimize Your Profile
    5. Where NOT to Optimize Your Profile
    6. Moving Sections Within Your Profile
  16. Chapter 7: Your Virtual Rolodex: Grow Your Network by Adding Contacts
    1. The Magic Number Is 500
    2. To Connect or Not to Connect
    3. How to Get More Connections
    4. How to Start Inviting Contacts
    5. Creative Ways to Get More Connections
    6. Open Networkers: The Key to Hyper Growth
    7. Getting a Paid Open Networking Account
    8. Removing a Connection
  17. Chapter 8: Your Social Influence Circle: Searching for and Contacting People
    1. Using the Advanced People Search
    2. Saving Your Searches
    3. Making a Personal Connection
    4. Contacting Non-First-Level Connections
    5. Reaching Second-Level Connections
    6. Reaching Third-Level Connections
    7. Contacting Groups of People
    8. Tag, You’re It: Grouping Contacts for Targeted Marketing
    9. Messaging More than 50 People
    10. Finding Joint Venture Partners on LinkedIn
    11. Insider Tips for Contacting Reporters on LinkedIn
    12. Finding a Mentor on LinkedIn
    13. Final Thoughts on Mentors: Work at the Relationship
  18. Chapter 9: Power in Tribes: Joining and Creating Groups
    1. Joining Groups
    2. Diversifying Your Groups
    3. Navigating Your Groups
    4. Messaging Group Members
    5. Leaving Groups
    6. Creating Groups
    7. Promoting Your Groups
    8. Creating Subgroups for More Influence
    9. Building Your Business with Groups
    10. A Wise Name and Logo Choice
    11. Getting Group Members Engaged
    12. A Superstar Group Owner Shares His Secrets of Success
    13. Building Website Traffic with Groups
  19. Chapter 10: Good Company: Create Your Company Page and Follow Other Companies
    1. Creating an Engaging Company Page
    2. Adding Details About Your Company
    3. Creating a Company Status Update
    4. Company Page Success Story: Getting a Massive Number of Leads
    5. Making Your Company Page Exciting
    6. Prospecting for Business Using the Companies Section
    7. Contacting People at Your Target Company
    8. Using Introductions for Prospecting
    9. Leveraging Company Information
    10. Follow That Company
    11. Using Company Pages to Create Opportunities
  20. Chapter 11: Off to Work We Go: Finding Your Perfect Job
    1. Why LinkedIn Crushes Job Boards
    2. Cracking the Hidden Job Market
    3. Turning Your Job Search into a Marketing Campaign
    4. Acing the Informational Interview
    5. Creating a Job That Does Not Exist
    6. Getting the Low-Hanging Fruit
    7. Searching Paid Job Listings
    8. Searching for Jobs in the Companies Section
    9. Looking for Jobs in Groups
    10. Turning Your Profile into a Job-Hunting Machine
    11. Advanced Profile Tips for Job Seekers
    12. Leveraging Your Alma Mater
    13. Participating in Groups
    14. Searching Your Specialty to Uncover Jobs
    15. Upgrading to a Premium Job Seeker Account
    16. Doing Research for Your Interview
    17. A LinkedIn Job Search Success Story
    18. Social Media Job-Hunting Advice from a Career Coach
  21. Chapter 12: Successful Selling on LinkedIn: How to Do It Right
    1. Social Selling Means Creating Value
    2. Create Value First, Then Sell
    3. Create Something Amazing and Give It Away
    4. Get Ready for Successful Social Selling
    5. Search and Research: Build a Highly Targeted Prospect List
    6. Join Groups to Sell More
    7. Start a Group to Create a Ready Market of Targeted Prospects
    8. Leverage Your Prospects’ Trigger Events
    9. Surround Your Target and Capitalize on Team Buying
    10. The Surefire LinkedIn Sales Message
    11. Close Your LinkedIn Sales: A Sandler® Sales Trainer Reveals How
    12. Combine Your Online and Offline Networking for Greater Success
    13. Networking That Leads to Business: How to Do It Right
  22. Chapter 13: Going Mobile: The Power of LinkedIn on the Go
    1. You Can Take It with You
    2. LinkedIn Is for Tablets Too
  23. Chapter 14: The Daily Approach to Success on LinkedIn
    1. Making the Most of Status Updates
    2. LinkedIn Etiquette Regarding Updates
    3. Clever Ways to Show Up in Network Updates
    4. Creating a LinkedIn Goal Statement
    5. Powerful Daily Success Activities
    6. Turbocharged LinkedIn Success Activities
    7. Creating a Leadership Reputation Every Day on LinkedIn
  24. Conclusion: Opportunity Is Knocking at Your Door
    1. People Buy People
    2. Measure Your Success
    3. It’s Up to You Now
  25. For More Information
  26. Index

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  • Title: Maximum Success with LinkedIn: Dominate Your Market, Build a Global Brand, and Create the Career of Your Dreams, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2014
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071833059