accelerators. See CRM accelerators

access options. See connection options


IFrames, 89

Microsoft Dynamics CRM layers, 13-16

application layer, 14-15

database layer, 15

platform layer, 15-16

Active Directory, configuring for Kerberos, 41-42

adapter publishers in process integration, 496


in BizTalk Server, 408-409

installing, 413-412

Scribe adapters

bounce-back, avoiding, 495

explained, 468-470

source and target definitions, 476-477

Agent Communications Panel, 204-208

changing customer information default form, 206

components of, 205

configuring Response Group Service integration feature, 206

creating custom buttons, 206-205

customizing, 205-206

installing, 205

requirements for, 205

aggregation, requirements for, 455-456 ...

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