Foreword: Michael Becker


Part I: The Early Years

Chapter 1: Radio’s Days of Glory

Chapter 2: Hipcricket’s Beginnings in a Starbucks

Chapter 3: Mobile at the Start of the Millennium

Chapter 4: American Idol Engages a Nation

Chapter 5: RAZR Sharpens Mobile’s Focus

Chapter 6: Hipcricket’s First Customers

Chapter 7: Listening to the Consumer

Chapter 8: The Brands Show Some Interest

Chapter 9: Mobile as a Natural Progression

Chapter 10: Mobile in the Fight Against Cancer

Chapter 11: Stops and Starts

Chapter 12: Build Me an iPhone App

Chapter 13: Hipcricket Matures, Rebrands

Chapter 14: It’s Not Spam on the Phone

Chapter 15: Texting with the Phone to the Ear?

Chapter 16: Mobile Award For Dummies

Part II: The Present

Chapter 17: The Recession’s Effect on Mobile’s Growth

Simon Shops for Visitors

Chapter 18: Behavior Changes Seen in All Age Groups

Chapter 19: Mobile Gets Busy

34 Cars Sold after None Moved in More Than One Month

Chapter 20: Radio Regains Its Magic

Chapter 21: Hipcricket Weathers the Recession

More Radio Success

Chapter 22: The Brands Rebound from the Recession

Selling on the Fear Factor

Engaging the Brands

Chapter 23: The Rise of Loyalty Clubs

Arby’s Goes Mobile Late-Night

Chapter 24: MillerCoors Drinks from Android Cup

Chapter 25: Belle Tire Rolls with Mobile

Chapter 26: Other Brands Produce Notable Campaigns

Macy’s: Mobile as the Ticket to Backstage

Perrier: Hot, Hot, Hot

Ford Has a Better Idea

Chapter 27: Trends

The Convergence of Mobile ...

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