Chapter 20

Ten Tricks (Nine, Actually) to Starting a New Year

In This Chapter

arrow Taking extra steps to save big bucks

arrow Following the end-of-year process, step by step

arrow Protecting your file by locking periods

arrow Switching off auto confirmation

arrow Communicating (and lots more mushy stuff)

Being a person of Scottish descent, I’m used to associating the words ‘New Year’ with raucous drinking parties, freezing cold winds and the warbling refrains of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

By contrast, starting a new financial year with MYOB (which just happens to be the subject of this gloriously fascinating chapter) is a time when you want to be as sober as a judge. It’s a pretty involved process that no kind of liquor will make easier.

Give Your Company File the Once-Over

The morning of 1 July dawns and with a vague sense of misgiving you slowly stir, bleary eyes focusing on the calendar. No need to fret. A new financial year may have begun, but you have a few weeks — if not months — before you need to get your company ...

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