Appendix A. Additional Resources

In this concise volume, we’ve attempted to give you a firm grounding in all the basic concepts you need to understand Oracle Application Server 10g and begin to use it effectively. We hope we’ve accomplished this goal.

At the same time, we realize that there is more to using a complex product such as Oracle Application Server than simply understanding how and why it works the way it does. Although you can’t use Oracle Application Server without a firm grasp of the foundations of the product, you still need details if you’re actually going to implement a successful system.

This appendix lists two types of additional sources of information for the topics covered in this book—relevant web sites, which act as a constantly changing resource for a variety of information, and a chapter-by-chapter list of relevant books, articles, and Oracle documentation.

For the chapter-by-chapter list, the sources fall into two basic categories: Oracle documentation (both manuals and white papers) and third-party sources. Typically, the Oracle documentation provides the type of hands-on information you will need regarding syntax and keywords, and the third-party sources cover the topics in a more general and problem-solving way. We’ve listed the third-party sources first and ended each listing with the relevant Oracle documentation. Please keep in mind that Oracle Application Server isn’t nearly as established or popular a product as the Oracle database, so there aren’t ...

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