64 Patterns: Extended Enterprise SOA and Web Services
4.1 Using the Extended Enterprise business pattern
Table 4-1 shows some cross-industry examples of the Extended Enterprise
Table 4-1 Cross-industry examples
Table 4-2 lists some industry-specific example applications that can be
implemented though the Extended Enterprise pattern.
Table 4-2 Industry-specific examples
If you are not yet sure that your business problem can be solved by the
functionality enabled through an Extended Enterprise solution design, the
Service Examples
Buy Side 򐂰 Direct Procurement
򐂰 Indirect Procurement
򐂰 Supply chain execution
Sell Side 򐂰 B2B e-commerce (Distributors)
Trading Partner® Modernization 򐂰 EDI modernization
Exchange Participation 򐂰 Private e-exchanges
򐂰 Public e-exchanges
Industry Example applications
Manufacturing 򐂰 Supply chain planning
򐂰 Supply chain execution
򐂰 Vendor-managed inventory
Trave l 򐂰 Checking flight or room availability
򐂰 Making or modifying reservations
Retail 򐂰 Checking supplier inventory
򐂰 Placing replenishment orders
򐂰 Paying suppliers automatically
Financial 򐂰 Transferring payments
򐂰 Checking account balances
򐂰 Obtaining credit information
򐂰 Loan origination
򐂰 Processing securities
Telecommunication 򐂰 OSS integration
򐂰 Cross-organization order management
򐂰 Managed service provider interconnect

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