Chapter 7How to Close the Sale

With a renewed emphasis on qualifying prospects more thoroughly during the prospecting phase, you should now have much better leads in your pipeline to give presentations to. And because the quality of your prospects is better, you can now approach the close—or presentation or demo stage—much differently as well. The old way of closing, the “spray and pray” method in which you just pitch and pitch at the prospect and then ask for the sale at the end, hoping and praying they say yes, should be abandoned completely for a more engaging and consultative approach.

Your goal now is to check in with your prospect throughout the sale, slowly build a yes momentum, and get buy‐in throughout the selling process. By adopting this more collaborative approach, asking for the sale at the end becomes a natural result of the closing process, and one where the prospect is saying yes much more often.

In this chapter, I'll give you some solid tools and techniques to help you engage your prospect and create a more balanced, two‐way conversation. Included in this section are ways to get your prospect engaged, ways of requalifying a prospect if you didn't learn everything on the first call, and also ways of handling initial resistance you sometimes get when a prospect either doesn't have the time for your presentation or has changed their mind for another reason. You will also learn how and when to begin handling objections during this opening phase of your presentation, ...

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