Chapter 9Winning Closing Techniques

In addition to the word‐for‐word scripts to the specific objections provided earlier, there are other strategies and techniques that every top producer knows and uses almost intuitively. By learning the following six proven techniques, and weaving them into your closing presentations, you will gain confidence and more control over the selling process. You will also avoid the routine problems other sales reps create, and you will learn even more ways of getting buy‐in throughout your presentation and of persevering to win the sale. As always, don't just read the following techniques, study them, and work to incorporate them into your closing repertoire of skills. The more skillful you get, the easier closing will become, and the more sales and money you will make.

How to Use Tie‐Downs to Build Momentum

I don't know why tie‐downs aren't used more by sales reps selling over the phone. They serve several crucial functions, one of which is getting confirmation that the point you just made was understood and accepted by your prospect. This is especially important when selling over the phone, as you don't have the visual clues that tell you how your pitch is going. Using tie‐downs frequently, however, give you this information and also give you the confidence to move on to the next part of your pitch.

Using tie‐downs is also instrumental in building that all‐important “yes momentum.” If the prospect keeps agreeing with you, then you can feel confident ...

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