Chapter 3

Understanding the Pro Tools Windows


check Looking at the Transport window

check Examining the Mix window

check Discovering the Edit window

Recognizing that recording is a complex process, Pro Tools gives you three distinct windows in which to work: Transport, Mix, and Edit. Each window performs a certain set of functions and gives you control of a specific set of details. These are outlined in this chapter. These windows are the heart and soul of Pro Tools. The more comfortable you are navigating them, the easier life will be as you create your masterpieces.

Tackling the Transport Window

At its most basic level, the Transport window — see Figure 3-1 — acts like the transport mechanism of a tape deck that moves the tape past the record and playback heads: It controls the digital processes that correspond to recording, playing, stopping, rewinding, and so on. On a deeper level, however, it also offers a host of other functions. This section details all the Transport window’s functions.


FIGURE 3-1: The Transport window acts like tape-deck controls.

Adjusting the Transport ...

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