Chapter 3

Recording Electronic Instruments with MIDI


check Recording MIDI performances

check Playing back tracks

check Understanding overdubbing

check Recording system-exclusive data

Recording MIDI in Pro Tools is much like recording audio. The advantage with MIDI is that you record only the performance data and not the sound itself. This allows you flexibility when choosing the sound that you ultimately want for your song.

In this chapter, you discover how to record MIDI in Pro Tools. You walk through enabling your tracks and recording your MIDI data. You also get a chance to overdub by using punch and loop recording.

remember Instrument tracks can be used the same way as MIDI tracks by recording MIDI information and passing it along to an instrument (in this case, by inserting an instrument into the track), which plays the notes and creates the sound.

Recording MIDI Performances

If you already read through Book 3, Chapter 5, you pretty much know the basics of recording MIDI performances because ...

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