Chapter 3

Using Equalization


check Understanding equalization (EQ)

check Inserting EQ in a track

check Getting to know the EQ options in Pro Tools

check Equalizing your tracks

Equalization (EQ) comprises changing the frequency response of the data in the session’s track to make the track sound how you want. The main goal when EQing during mixing is to get the instruments in your song to blend together smoothly (Book 6, Chapters 1 and 2 explore the process of mixing your tracks).

In this chapter, you discover the types of equalizers used in Pro Tools, and I walk you through applying EQ to your tracks. This chapter also offers some basic EQ settings for a variety of instruments to get you started EQing your songs.

Exploring Equalization

The most useful tool you have for mixing is equalization. You use equalizers to adjust the various frequencies of your instruments so that there’s enough room for each of them in your stereo tracks. Pro Tools offers three types of equalizers — parametric, low-shelf/high-shelf, and low-pass/high-pass. I outline these types of EQ in the following sections. ...

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