Chapter 7. Getting Paid for Your Words

In This Chapter

  • Discovering how to get paid for your words

  • Earning money with pay-per-post

  • Getting a traditional media job

  • Writing a book

Writing for others is an obvious option if you want to diversify your blogging revenue stream. Not surprisingly, writing for others is one of the most common revenue sources for professional bloggers. However, there's a big difference between writing to meet your objectives, as you do on your own blog, and writing to meet the requirements of someone else, whether it be an advertiser or an editor. Writing for someone else isn't for everyone. This chapter takes a look at the alternatives so you can decide whether writing for hire makes sense for you.

This chapter is about paid blogging as part of your blogging revenue mix. If you want to make your living as a freelance writer, consult specialized resources on the profession. Many books, Web sites, blogs, and online forums can give you targeted, specific advice to meet your professional goals.

Discovering the Ways to Be Paid for Writing

After advertising, freelance writing is the most commonly reported source of revenue by bloggers in the survey I conducted for this book, reported by nearly 50 percent of all bloggers (see Figure 7-1) and nearly 60 percent of the bloggers who earn 100 percent of their revenue from blogging.

In a recent survey, the sources of revenue, reported by bloggers.

Figure 7-1. In a recent survey, the sources of ...

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