Chapter 8. Choosing Your Blog Name, Platform, and Web Hosting

In This Chapter

  • Naming your blog and creating a tagline

  • Creating and registering a domain name

  • Choosing your blogging platform and Web hosting

You can change, with relatively little impact, most of the choices you make when you build your blog. Fine-tuning strategy, making design adjustments, and choosing a new advertising partner fall into this easy-to-redo category. These aren't small changes and they certainly cost time and money, but they aren't showstoppers.

In a few situations, however, changing your mind means starting all over again. You don't want to realize that you dislike your blog or domain name after you've published and promoted it. Apart from all the rework such a change causes, the Internet has a long memory. If your abandoned first try is active, even for just a little while, search engines will index it, and your old blog may turn up in searches rather than your subsequent, successful blog.

The moral of the story? Take your time over the seemingly simple decisions of blog and domain names, blog platform, and Web hosting. In this chapter, I step you through the process of naming your blog, registering your domain name, and choosing your blogging platform.

Naming Your Blog

Your blog name is one of most important elements of your blog. The name sets the stage for your words, encapsulates your strategy, and gives the readers important clues about what to expect — before they read a single post.

Your blog name is ...

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