Chapter 16. Ten (Or More) Blogs You Can Learn from Simply by Reading

In This Chapter

  • Looking at blogs that help you improve your own

  • Identifying blogs that help you market your small business

  • Looking at blogs that set good examples

This chapter could have easily featured 40 or 50 blogs you can benefit from just by reading, and to be honest, I add a few extra ones at the end.

Three blogs are about blogging and technology. Filled with concrete practical advice and clear explanations about blogging technology and tools, these blogs offer tips and techniques that help you improve your blog.

Because your blog is your business, I also include two blogs focused on marketing and small business.

The other five blogs set good examples. Simply stated, these blogs do blogging right and illustrate important points that I hope you remember when you sit down to create and write your blog.


Professional blogger Darren Rowse started ProBlogger (as shown in Figure 16-1) in 2004, to capture what he was learning about how to make money as a blogger. This blog is now one of the most well known on the planet and has evolved into a book and a subscription-based online community for professional bloggers. However, the core blog is still free, with more than 3,500 articles in the archives, and Rowse continues to share his tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your blog and make a living as a professional blogger.

Figure 16-1. ProBlogger offers tips and tactics for making money on your ...

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