16.3. Package Log Providers

Log providers are used to define the destination for the log information that is generated when a package executes. For instance, if you require a record of the execution of your package, a log provider could persist the events and actions that had transpired in a log file, recording not only the execution but also, if required, the values and results of the execution. Defining what should be logged during a package's execution is a two-step process. First, you must define which log providers to use. You can define multiple providers in a single package. The second step is to define what information should be sent to the defined log providers.

To configure logging for a package, open a valid package file and select Tools, and then select SSIS Logging from the main menu. The Configure SSIS Logs dialog box that is displayed shows all the containers that currently exist in the package. The first step is completed by configuring SSIS Log Providers on the Providers and Logs tab, shown in Figure 16-4.

Figure 16.4. Figure 16-4

SQL Server Integration Services includes several default log providers. These providers are selected in the Provider type combo box and are defined as follows.

  • SSIS Log Provider for Text Files: This provider is used to store log information ...

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