Appendix B. Pragmatics

This appendix is a very brief introduction to some install-level details of Python use, and contains a list of Python Internet resources. More information on topics not covered fully here can be found at other resources:

  • For additional install details, consult the various README text files in the examples distribution on this book’s CD (view CD-ROM content online at, as well as the README files and other documentation that accompany the Python distributions and other packages on the CD. In particular, the README files in the Examples and Examples\PP2E directories contain book example tree documentation and Python install details not repeated in this appendix.

  • For more background information on running Python programs in general, see the Python manuals included on this book’s CD, or the introductory-level O’Reilly text Learning Python.

  • For more background information on the core Python language itself, refer to the Python standard manuals included on this book’s CD, and the O’Reilly texts Learning Python and Python Pocket Reference.

  • For more information about all things Python, see site has online Python documentation, interpreter downloads, search engines, and links to just about every other relevant Python site on the Web. For links to information about this book, refer back to the Preface.

Installing Python

This section gives an overview of install-related details -- instructions for putting ...

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