Round 5

Where to do your research

Research, research, research. Research is vital in making any successful investment decision. There is a never-ending number of sources of information. You can get caught up in the plethora of information that is available, but in this chapter we will discuss the top websites and popular magazines where you can access vital data and analysis that will help you make informed and educated investment decisions. These are sound sources that provide accurate information that we recommend. There are plenty of other sources of information, but the ones listed here are a good start. Be careful: there are plenty of spruikers who promote their products and offerings rather than give independent advice!


Table 5.1 offers a summary of our recommended property and share investment websites, which then are described in more detail.

Table 5.1: useful websites for property and share research




Property research websites

This section describes the type of property information that you will find at each website.

Australian Bureau of Statistics — ...

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