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According to ancient legend, one day Alexander the Great, conqueror of the ‘that time known world’ (Greece, Egypt, Persia), asked Menaikhmos the famous mathematician to teach him geometry in an easier and faster way. Menaikhmos smiled at this wish and answered: ‘Oh king, you ordered your engineers to build distinct roads for citizens and for messengers and the army of the king all around your empire, but there is only one road for all in geometry!1

Basically we agree with Menaikhmos: learning and understanding quantum computing and communications need time and effort from the reader. However, we are convinced that if the way the knowledge is served is chosen carefully and fits more or less to previous studies of the reader, then high spirits can be maintained at hard portions of the topic. Before starting the voyage we would like to provide some useful hints and tools similarly to seamen who check their maps and compasses before sailing out to sea.

This book can be divided logically into three well-defined parts. Part I explains the basics of quantum computing and communications. As the next level Part II introduces well-known quantum algorithms while advanced readers can find several quantum assisted solutions for state-of-the-art infocom problems in Part III. The book has been equipped with several special features intended to help the reader.

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