4L(2, 1) - Labeling on Jahangir Graph

U. M. Prajapati

Department of Mathematics,St. Xavier’s College,Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA)E-mail: udayan.prajapati@sxca.edu.in

N. B. Patel

Department of Mathematics,Gujarat University,Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA)E-mail: nittalbpatel000@gmail.com

L(2, 1) - labeling problems consist of an assignment of non-negative integers to the nodes of a graph such that the adjacent nodes have labels which differ by at least two, and the nodes at distance two must have different labels. The span of L(2, 1) - labeling is the difference between the minimum and maximum labels which are assigned to the nodes. The minimum span is called L(2, 1)-labeling number or λ - number. In this chapter, L(2, 1)-labeling number of Jahangir ...

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