6.2. Advantages of RFID Over Bar Codes

The advantages of RFID over bar codes are as follows:

  • Support for nonstatic data. An RFID tag data can be rewritten many times (assuming, of course, that the RFID tag is an RW tag). The data on a bar code is static and cannot be changed.

  • No need for line of sight. Generally, an RFID reader does not need a line of sight to read an RFID tag's data. A bar code reader always needs a line of sight to read a bar code.

  • Longer read range. An RFID tag can have a much longer read range than a bar code. Depending on several factors, this can range from several feet to a few hundred feet

  • Larger data capacity. An RFID tag can store more data than a bar code.

  • Multiple reads. A suitable reader can read several RFID tags ...

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