Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies

Book description

A colorful, entertaining, and informative guide to the Samsung Galaxy family of tablets

Samsung's bestselling Galaxy Tabs may come in multiple sizes, but they all share the wildly popular Android operating system and are packed with tons of top-notch tablet features. This full-color book shows you how to enjoy all the things your Galaxy Tab can do, regardless of model: browse the web, handle e-mail, manage your social media, make phone calls and video chat, read e-books, take and share photos, play music, and more. Author Dan Gookin, famous for his skill in demystifying technology, takes you on a tour of the Galaxy, explaining hidden tablet tricks and showing you how to make your Tab your own.

  • Walks you through every element of the popular Galaxy Tab models, illustrated with full-color screen shots that show you exactly how to use your new tablet

  • Covers the unique elements of this amazing Android tablet that give the Galaxy Tab a competitive edge as well as more common tablet features like the touchscreen interface, web browser, camera, social media, e-mail, apps, and more

  • Includes tips for filling your Galaxy Tab with music, movies, TV shows, books, games, photos, videos, and other cool content from Google Play

  • Shows you how to type successfully on the Tab keyboard, get directions, manage your content, connect wirelessly, travel with your Tab, and customize its features

  • Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies is the perfect guide for getting started and getting around the Galaxy like a pro.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: A Galaxy in Your Hands
        1. Chapter 1: A Quick Orientation
          1. Set Up Your Galaxy Tablet
            1. Opening the box
            2. Charging the battery
          2. Know Your Way around the Galaxy
            1. Finding things on the tablet
            2. Inserting and removing a microSD card
            3. Getting optional accessories
          3. Where to Keep Your Tablet
            1. Making a home for the tablet
            2. Taking the tablet with you
        2. Chapter 2: The On and Off Chapter
          1. Hello, Tablet
            1. Turning on your Galaxy tablet (for the first time)
            2. Turning on your tablet
            3. Working the various lock screens
            4. Unlocking the tablet
            5. Unlocking and running an app
          2. Account Creation and Configuration
            1. Obtaining a Google account
            2. Adding accounts to the tablet
          3. Farewell, Tablet
            1. Locking the tablet
            2. Controlling the lock timeout
            3. Turning off your Galaxy tablet
        3. Chapter 3: Find Your Way around the Galaxy
          1. Basic Operations
            1. Touching the touchscreen
            2. Changing the orientation
            3. Controlling the volume
          2. Behold the Home Screen
            1. Touring the Home screen
            2. Accessing multiple Home screens
            3. Using common buttons and icons
          3. Home Screen Chores
            1. Starting an app
            2. Accessing a widget
            3. Reviewing notifications
            4. Making Quick Settings
            5. Visiting the Apps screen
            6. Reviewing recent apps
            7. Playing with Multi Window
          4. The Magical S Pen
            1. Understanding the S Pen
            2. Using Air Command
            3. Doing some S Pen tricks
        4. Chapter 4: Typing and Text
          1. This Is a Keyboard?
            1. Using the onscreen keyboard
            2. Accessing special keyboard symbols
          2. The Old Hunt-and-Peck
            1. Typing one character at a time
            2. Typing quickly by using predictive text
            3. Adding SwiftKey Flow
            4. Scribbling text with the S Pen
          3. Google Voice Typing
            1. Activating voice input
            2. Dictating input
            3. Uttering s**** words
          4. Text Editing
            1. Moving the cursor
            2. Selecting text
            3. Cutting, copying, and pasting
      3. Part II: Tablet Communications
        1. Chapter 5: All Your Friends in the Galaxy
          1. Meet the Tablet's Address Book
            1. Using the Contacts app
            2. Sorting your contacts
            3. Searching contacts
          2. More Friends in Your Galaxy
            1. Creating a contact from scratch
            2. Creating a contact from an e-mail message
            3. Importing contacts from your computer
            4. Grabbing contacts from your social networking sites
          3. Manage Your Friends
            1. Editing contact information
            2. Taking a picture of a contact
            3. Building contact groups
            4. Making a favorite
            5. Joining identical contacts
            6. Separating contacts
            7. Removing a contact
        2. Chapter 6: Mail of the Electronic Kind
          1. Galactic E-Mail
            1. Setting up an Email account
            2. Adding even more e-mail accounts
          2. You've Got E-Mail
            1. Getting a new message
            2. Checking the inbox
            3. Reading e-mail
          3. Write That Message
            1. Composing a Gmail message
            2. Crafting an Email message
            3. Sending e-mail to a contact
          4. Message Attachments
            1. Dealing with attachments
            2. Sending an attachment
          5. E-Mail Configuration
            1. Creating a signature
            2. Configuring the manual delete option
            3. Setting the primary e-mail account
        3. Chapter 7: Web Browsing
          1. Mobile Web Browsing
            1. Viewing the web
            2. Visiting a web page
            3. Browsing back and forth
            4. Working with bookmarks
            5. Managing web pages in multiple tabs
            6. Searching in and on the web
            7. Sharing a page
          2. The Art of Downloading
            1. Grabbing an image from a web page
            2. Downloading a file
          3. Internet App Controls and Settings
            1. Setting a home page
            2. Changing the way the web looks
            3. Setting privacy and security options
        4. Chapter 8: The Digital Social Life
          1. In Your Facebook
            1. Setting up your Facebook account
            2. Getting the Facebook app
            3. Running Facebook on your tablet
            4. Setting your status
            5. Uploading a picture to Facebook
            6. Configuring the Facebook app
          2. Tweet Suite
            1. Setting up Twitter
            2. Tweeting
          3. Even More Social Networking
        5. Chapter 9: Text Chat, Video Chat, and Even Phone Calls
          1. Let's Hang Out
            1. Using Hangouts
            2. Typing at your friends
            3. Talking and video chat
          2. Connect to the World with Skype
            1. Getting Skype for your tablet
            2. Chatting with another Skype user
            3. Seeing on Skype (video call)
            4. Placing a Skype phone call
      4. Part III: Everything in the Galaxy
        1. Chapter 10: Getting from Here to There
          1. There's a Map for That
            1. Using the Maps app
            2. Adding layers
          2. It Knows Where You Are
            1. Finding out where you are
            2. Helping others find your location
          3. Find Things
            1. Looking for a specific address
            2. Finding a business, restaurant, or point of interest
            3. Searching for favorite or recent places
            4. Locating a contact
          4. The Galaxy Navigator
            1. Getting directions
            2. Adding a navigation Home screen widget
          5. The Whole Google Earth
        2. Chapter 11: It's a Big, Flat Camera
          1. Your Galactic Camera
            1. Capturing the moment
            2. Doing a self-portrait
            3. Taking in a panorama
            4. Doing a screen shot
          2. Camera Settings and Options
            1. Deleting an image immediately after you take it
            2. Setting the flash
            3. Changing the resolution
            4. Setting the image's location
            5. Choosing the storage device
            6. Adjusting the camera
        3. Chapter 12: Image Madness and Management
          1. Where Your Pictures Lurk
            1. Visiting the Gallery
            2. Finding a picture's location
            3. Setting an image as wallpaper
          2. Image Editing
            1. Cropping a picture
            2. Trimming a video
            3. Rotating pictures
            4. Deleting pictures and videos
            5. Selecting multiple pictures and videos
          3. Set Your Pics and Vids Free
            1. Accessing your Picasa Web account
            2. Uploading to Dropbox
            3. Printing your pictures
            4. Posting a video to YouTube
            5. Sharing images with other apps
        4. Chapter 13: Music, Music, Music
          1. Your Hit Parade
            1. Browsing your music library
            2. Playing a tune
            3. Pinning your music
            4. Being the life of the party
          2. Add Some Music to Your Life
            1. Borrowing music from a PC
          3. Buying music at the Google Play Store
          4. Organize Your Music
            1. Reviewing your playlists
            2. Creating your own playlists
            3. Removing unwanted music
          5. Soap, No Soap, Galaxy Radio
        5. Chapter 14: What Else Does It Do?
          1. It's an Alarm Clock
          2. It's a Very Big Calculator
          3. It's a Calendar
            1. Browsing your schedule
            2. Reviewing appointments
            3. Creating an event
          4. It's a Game Machine
          5. It's an E-Book Reader
          6. It's Google Now
          7. It's Your Video Entertainment
            1. Enjoying YouTube
            2. Buying and renting movies
        6. Chapter 15: A Galaxy of Apps
          1. Welcome to the Play Store
            1. Browsing the Google Play Store
            2. Obtaining a new app
            3. Installing apps from a computer
          2. App Management 101
            1. Reviewing your apps
            2. Sharing an app
            3. Updating an app
            4. Uninstalling apps
      5. Part IV: Nuts and Bolts
        1. Chapter 16: It's a Wireless Life
          1. Wireless Networking Wizardry
            1. Using the cellular data network
            2. Understanding Wi-Fi
            3. Activating and deactivating Wi-Fi
            4. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
            5. Using Wi-Fi Direct
          2. A Connection Shared
            1. Creating a mobile hotspot
            2. Sharing the Internet via tethering
          3. The Bluetooth Experience
            1. Understanding Bluetooth
            2. Activating Bluetooth
            3. Pairing with a Bluetooth device
        2. Chapter 17: Connect, Share, and Store
          1. The USB Connection
            1. Connecting the tablet to a computer
            2. Dealing with the USB connection in Windows
            3. Connecting your tablet to a Mac
            4. Configuring the USB connection
            5. Disconnecting the tablet from a computer
          2. Files from Here, Files to There
            1. Transferring files to the tablet
            2. Copying files to your computer
            3. Connecting wirelessly with Kies Air
            4. Sharing files with Dropbox
          3. Galactic Storage
            1. Reviewing storage stats
            2. Managing files
        3. Chapter 18: Taking the Galaxy with You
          1. Before You Go
          2. Galaxy Travel Tips
          3. Into the Wild Blue Yonder
          4. The Galaxy Goes Abroad
            1. Traveling overseas with the tablet
            2. Disabling data roaming
        4. Chapter 19: Customize Your Galaxy
          1. Home Screen Decorating
            1. Hanging new wallpaper
            2. Adding apps to the Home screen
            3. Building app folders
            4. Putting an app on the Favorites tray
            5. Slapping down widgets
            6. Moving and removing icons and widgets
            7. Managing multiple Home screen panels
          2. Lock Your Tablet
            1. Finding the locks
            2. Removing the screen lock
            3. Setting a PIN
            4. Assigning a password
            5. Creating an unlock pattern
            6. Unlocking the tablet with your face
            7. Setting face and voice unlock
            8. Adding owner info text
          3. Various Galactic Adjustments
            1. Singing a different tune
            2. Changing visual settings
        5. Chapter 20: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
          1. Regular Galactic Maintenance
            1. Keeping it clean
            2. Backing up your stuff
            3. Updating the system
          2. Battery Care and Feeding
            1. Monitoring the battery
            2. Determining what is sucking up power
            3. Extending battery life
          3. Help and Troubleshooting
            1. Fixing random and annoying problems
            2. Getting support
          4. Valuable Galaxy Tablet Q&A
            1. “I can't turn the tablet on (or off)!”
            2. “The touchscreen doesn't work!”
            3. “The battery doesn't charge!”
            4. “The tablet gets so hot that it turns itself off!”
            5. “It doesn't do landscape mode!”
      6. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 21: Ten Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
          1. Add Widgets to the Lock Screen
          2. Smart Screen Tricks
          3. Watch the Tablet Dream
          4. Add Shortcuts to the Home Screen
          5. Add Spice to Dictation
          6. Command the Tablet with Your Voice
          7. Use the Galactic TV Remote
          8. Enter Location Information for Your Events
          9. Use the Task Manager
          10. Check Your Data Usage
        2. Chapter 22: Ten Things to Remember
          1. Summon a Recently Opened App
          2. View Multiple Apps at Once
          3. Take Quick Actions
          4. Use Dictation
          5. Lock the Orientation
          6. Use the Keyboard Suggestions
          7. Avoid Things That Consume Lots of Battery Juice
          8. Make Phone Calls
          9. Keep Up with Your Schedule
          10. Snap a Pic of That Contact
        3. Chapter 23: Ten Great Apps
          1. Chrome
          2. Google Finance
          3. Google Gesture Search
          4. Movies by Flixster
          5. Netflix
          6. Notepad
          7. Sky Map
          8. TuneIn Radio
          9. Voice Recorder
          10. Zedge
      7. About the Authors
      8. Cheat Sheet
      9. More Dummies Products

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    • Release date: December 2013
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