Super Snake

When I was a kid, I REALLY wanted a pet snake! I don’t mean a cute little garter or grass snake, no thank you. I dreamed of having a boa constrictor or a python that could grow to be six feet or even longer!

Unfortunately, my stepfather is really scared of snakes, so I couldn’t bring anything bigger than a nightcrawler into the house. The closest I ever came was playing various Snake games on my computer. Designing your own version of this classic game means you can have any kind of snake you want. Best of all, you can create the entire game with just two sprites and a dash of Scratch blocks!


Create a New Project

This is one chapter where I could use the name Snake since that’s the type of game (like tag or board game), not the original game title. But I think Super Snake might grab people’s attention. If you’re as afraid of snakes as my stepfather, feel free to make your game Creepy Caterpillar or Wonder Earthworm or Seriously Slimy Slug.

  1. Go to or open the Scratch 2 Offline Editor.
  2. If you are online, click Create. If offline, select File ⇒ New.
  3. Name your project. (If online, select the title and type Super Snake. If using the offline version of Scratch, select File ⇒ Save As and type Super Snake.)
  4. Delete the cat by selecting the Scissors and clicking the sprite or holding the Shift key while clicking and then choosing Delete.

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