Game Not Over!

I wish I had more pages and more time to fill them, but I am running out of both, and driving my editors CRAZY with the pages I keep REwriting AND the images I keep REplacing AND changing my mind about whether Attacking the Clones should come before A-Maze-ing Game OR whether the collage chapter should be shorter OR the Flappy chapter longer. There is SO MUCH I STILL HAVEN’T SHARED! Honestly, I’ve only scratched the surface of the programming power in those colorful blocks.

If I could fit in another chapter, maybe it would cover the Pen blocks, which enable you to program Scratch to draw and paint anything from a simple square to a complex repeating pattern. And I REALLY wanted to have a chapter about the Sound blocks, which enable you to program and produce your own music. I haven’t even shown you how you can create your OWN Scratch blocks!

Fortunately, this is the 21st century, where books do not have to end on the last page. Guess who is building the website to go along with this book? Sensei Derek Breen! You will not only find all the projects in this book there, you will also find bonus chapters, new projects, and a TON of other freebies. So if you loved some of the chapters in this book, visit for more of 'em. If you HATED this book, then you can tell me all about the stuff that didn’t work for you by clicking the CONTACT button there.

Now, instead of filling the last few pages with (more) goofy pictures or a last-minute tutorial, ...

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