Data Bank

The Jump River Electric Company serves several counties in northern Wisconsin. Much of the area is forest and lakes. The data on power outages from a recent summer include date, time, duration of outage (hours), and cause.

TABLE D.1 Power Outages



Madison recruits for the fire department need to complete a timed test that simulates working conditions. It includes placing a ladder against a building, pulling out a section of fire hose, dragging a weighted object, and crawling in a simulated attic environment. The times, in seconds, for recruits to complete the test for a Madison firefighter are shown in Table D.2.

TABLE D.2 Time to Complete Firefighters Physical Test (seconds)


Natural resource managers have attempted to use the Satellite Landsat Multispectral Scanner data for improved land-cover classification. The intensities of reflected light recorded on the near-infrared band of a thermatic mapper are given in Table D.3. Table D.3a gives readings from areas known to consist of forest and Table D.3b readings from urban areas.

TABLE D.3a Near Infrared Light Reflected from Forest Areas

TABLE D.3b Near Infrared Light Reflected from Urban Areas

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