Recycling of reinforced plastics

R.D. Adams1,2, A. Collins1, D. Cooper1, M.W. Digby1, A.W. Farmer1, A. Laurence1, K. Patel1, M. Stevens1,  and R. Watkins1     1University of Bristol, Bristol, UK     2University of Oxford, Oxford, UK


This work has shown that it is possible to recycle continuous and short fibre-reinforced thermosetting resins while keeping almost the whole original material, both fibres and matrix, within the recyclate. By splitting, crushing hot or cold, and hot forming, it is possible to create a recyclable material, which we designate a Remat, which can then be used to remanufacture other shapes, examples of plates and tubes being demonstrated. Not only can remanufacturing be done, but it has been shown that more than ...

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