Team Design

What kind of team do we need to create our business?

Having worked with teams all around the world, we have learned that behind every successful new venture is a great team. If you are at a startup, the founding team is the glue that holds it all together. If you are in a corporation, you’ll still need a solid team to create a new business venture. If you are a solopreneur, the team you eventually bring in will make or break your business.


Cross-Functional Skillset

A cross-functional team has all the core abilities needed to ship the product and learn from customers. A common basic example of a cross-functional team consists of design, product, and engineering.

Adapted from Jeff Patton.

Commonly Required Skills to Test Business Ideas


Access to Missing Skillsets

If you do not have all of the skills needed or are unable to partner with external team members, then evaluate technological tools to fill the void.

Testing Tools

There are new tools coming ...

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