17Patrick Fussell

“Showcasing your abilities by presenting at conferences, writing blog posts, publishing white papers, and contributing to open source security tools are all things that make it easy for a hiring manager to know if you are a good fit.”

Closeup image of the red team operator "Patrick Fussell."

Twitter: @capt_red_beardz

Patrick currently works as a red team operator and has more than 10 years of IT experience. After completing his time serving the U.S. Marine Corps, Patrick began working as an information security consultant, eventually moving on to a more focused role as a penetration tester. Patrick has been engaged to deliver a variety of services, such as the design and implementation of custom security assessments and penetration tests. Through his career, he has performed all phases of comprehensive testing including vulnerability, network-based security, and internet-based web application security assessments.

How did you get your start on a red team?

I would call it a fortuitous set of events. I had been pointing my career toward red teaming for a long time. I started out as a security analyst and then moved to full-time penetration testing. I knew at some point when I had developed my technical skill set in the right way that I might want to make the jump to red teaming. So I focused on learning the things that I thought might help me in that type of position. A few of my friends migrated to red team positions ...

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