Descriptions of TPM Capabilities

The formal definition of these capabilities can be found in the latest TCPA specification. The capability names used in this section are exactly those used in the TCPA specification.

In this section, we look at functions for the following capabilities:

  • Enabling a TPM

  • Activating a TPM

  • Physical presence

  • TPM ownership

  • Authorization

Functions for Enabling a TPM

The following commands are used for enabling or disabling a TPM:

  • TPM_OwnerSetDisable

  • TPM_PhysicalDisable

  • TPM_PhysicalEnable

TPM_OwnerSetDisable is an owner-authenticated command that uses cryptographic authorization. TPM_PhysicalEnable and TPM_PhysicalDisable require assertion of physical presence. TPM_PhysicalEnable can't be subverted by software. The commands change ...

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