Identifying storage devices and LUNs

The vSphere host storage troubleshooting requires you to use vSphere command-line utilities to detect a particular disk correctly. Part of troubleshooting also requires your skills to correctly identify connected LUNs to vSphere hosts. Let's view some commands that can be handy in your toolbox to identify the connected disks correctly:

esxcli storage core device list
   Display Name: Local DELL Disk (naa.6b8ca3a0f2ab980019ffea2907f89b62)
   Has Settable Display Name: true
   Size: 190208
   Device Type: Direct-Access
   Multipath Plugin: NMP
   Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.6b8ca3a0f2ab980019ffea2907f89b62
   Vendor: DELL
   Model: PERC H710P
   Revision: 3.13
   SCSI Level: 5
 Is Pseudo: ...

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